fostering the development of an inspiring integration of commerce, culture, and community.


home to a cluster of community businesses, social entrepreneurs, and not-for-profit organizations.


preserving, restoring, and adaptively reusing an historic space.


incorporating green elements into the fabric of the building.

The Robertson Building

The Robertson Building at 215 Spadina Avenue

The Robertson Building at 215 Spadina Avenue is an historic factory building in downtown Toronto that is home to a community of social entrepreneurs, non-profit, and charitable organizations.

It is also the location for The Centre for Social Innovation. Co-founded by Urbanspace Property Group, CSI occupies over 20,000 square feet on the first and fourth floors of the building. CSI provides shared workspace to over 170 nonprofits, social enterprises, artists, activists, and social entrepreneurs. Together, the Centre's members are working to address the social, cultural, environmental, and economic challenges we face today.

Robertson Building common areas and management office are Bullfrog Powered

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News from the Pipeline

Solar Power at the Robertson Building

Solar Panels In 2012, Urbanspace Property Group partnered with two of the building’s tenants, Richard Sung from Boreal Solar (Suite 423) and Danny Howard from Green Island Solar, to find an affordable solution to install an array of solar panels on the rooftop of 215 Spadina Avenue. For many years, Urbanspace Property Group had been researching options that would allow the Robertson Building to generate its own solar power. It was a logical extension from other environmental initiatives, such as the green roof and biowall, that we’d already integrated into the building’s fabric.

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Photos from the Robertson community